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7 Things to Keep In Mind When Using QR (Quick Response Codes)


QR codes can be a great response mechanism for mobile users, and have many potential uses for brands. The biggest point to make sure you hit: create some added value for users.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Ease of use – keep it simple
  • Rand of use – there are hundreds of ways to use QR codes, make sure the use fits your goal
  • Easy way to send mobile users to online content – bridging the two mediums can be incredibly beneficial for both you and users
  • Cost effective – QR codes don’t cost anything to start using
  • Incentives – remember to give people a reason to scan
  • Call to action – remember to add a strong call to action that you’d like users to do
  • Time – give people time to scan the code

Check out this example from Starbucks…

QR codes have come a long way… and you don’t have to be Starbucks or have a commercial to benefit. Here at appflight we provide you a QR code for your fans to download your app.



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